Top Questions Concerning Snap-On Denture Implants

It is no secret that if you need a new smile, dentures are the easiest way to go. Have your natural teeth removed, the dentist (such as one from Burke Mountain Denturist) will make a mold of your mouth, and you can have a complete set of dentures in no time at all. However simple, this is not always the type of option that will give you the same things that your natural teeth would. Dentures tend to slide around in the mouth, do not offer a great amount of chewing power, and can even change the way you speak dramatically.

One of the more recent changes in the denture field is the use of mini-dental implants that allow for dentures to be snapped into place. Denture implants, often referred to as snap-on dentures, could be the perfect solution for you if you have lost your teeth. here are a few of the most common questions concerning snap-on denture implants.

Will the implant placement be a lengthy procedure?

Most cosmetic dentists will implant the denture anchors right in the office using only a local anesthetic to keep you numb. If you have ever had a crown placed, you can expect the implant of the denture anchor to take about the same amount of time. However, this can rely on the dentist you have and the procedure they choose to use during the process.

Is this more expensive than traditional dentures?

Snap-on denture implants are more expensive because there is a surgical procedure involved in the process. Yet most patients find that the additional cost is well worth the outcome because they have a stable set of teeth in place. The price range can vary depending on the cosmetic dentist you choose, the type of dentures you plan to use, and the type of anchoring implants that are used in the process.

How bad is the pain associated with denture implant procedures?

In comparison to obtaining traditional dentures, this will be more painful. However, the pain associated is not normally severe and will subside after just a few days in most cases. It can take some time for your mouth to heal completely after the initial procedure. Therefore, there may be some tenderness of the gums until the implant site is completely healed.

Every year, more people who wear dentures are opting to have denture implants placed for added stability in their mouth. If you have ever had issues with dentures, this is definitely a good option.