Trying To Salvage A Tooth That Falls Out Due To Injury

If you have had an injury occur where one of your teeth falls out of the socket in your mouth, you will want to act quickly in getting emergency care as you may be able to save the tooth. Time is of the utmost importance as the root of the tooth will dry out if not replaced back into the socket within about a half an hour.

There are a few steps you can take to increase the likelihood that your original tooth can be placed back into place after you get to the facility for treatment:

Clean The Tooth

If your tooth is on the ground, pick it up by the crown so your hands do not contaminate the root surface with bacteria. Rinse the tooth with water but do not scrub it with any type of toothpaste or mouthwash. Make sure to close off the drain to the sink where you rinse the tooth so it does not fall out of your hands and down the drain if the water pressure is too strong.

Try To Place

Attempt to put the rinsed off tooth back into the socket in your mouth. Make sure you line up the tooth in the proper direction before putting it back into place. Gently insert the tooth into the crevice and use your tongue to keep it in place until you can get emergency care. If you place the tooth back in the socket, the dentist has a better chance at surgically fusing it back into place when you arrive for treatment.

Keep It Moist

If you cannot place your tooth back into the socket, it is very important to keep it moist as you get to treatment. Many dentists offer tooth-saving kits to use for these types of situations. If you happen to have one, utilize it by putting the tooth inside for transport. If you do not have a kit, put the tooth inside a cup of milk. You can use water, but the properties within will not be as effective in keeping the root in ideal condition for replacement.

It is better to place the tooth in your mouth in the pocket in front of your lower gums, as saliva works well at keeping the root in tact. Do not place a tooth in a tissue or paper towel for transport because the properties of paper will dry the root out completely. To learn more, contact a company like Walk In Dental Clinic with any questions you have.