About The Ways A Dentist Might Treat Big Cavities In Molars

Do you dread eating because food always gets trapped in the big cavities that are in your molars? A dentist can get rid of the problem and bring your molars back to a useable condition. Discover below how molars with big cavities can be treated to give you relief from food getting stuck inside of them. 

What Can a Dentist Do About Big Cavities in Molars?

Your dentist will begin treating your molar by first determining which method should be used. For instance, if you have weak jawbones where the molars are located, the best treatment method may be to get them extracted. There is no use in treating cavities that are in molars sitting in weak jawbones because they might eventually fall out anyway. An x-ray will be done to give the dentist a look at your jawbones. He or she will also do a thorough examination to find out if your gums are diseased or infected.

If your jawbones are strong enough for the molars to remain intact, the dentist will proceed and find out if you have an abscess, which is common with neglected cavities. The presence of an abscess means that you need a root canal to get rid of disease pulp (nerves, blood vessels). The root canal is also vital for releasing the poisonous pus out of the abscess lump. You don't want the poisonous pus getting into your blood because it can cause harm in other areas of your body, like the heart and skin.

Once you have been treated, the dentist can then fill in the big spaces in your molars. Several types of filling options can be used, such as porcelain, silver amalgam, cast gold or a composite resin that is the color of your teeth. After the fillings are in place, the dentist might want to crown the molars to make them sturdier. Dental crowns can also keep the fillings in place.

What Kind of Fees are Associated with Treating Cavities in Molars?

Expect the fillings for the molars to cost $50 or more for each molar treated, depending on the filling type used. If a root canal is done to treat an abscess, expect to pay $500 or more per back molar. Dental crowns are priced at $500 plus each if they are used. Simply getting each of the molars extracted will cost at least $75 per tooth. Get to a dentist (such as one from Frizzell Dental Teeth Cleaning) to find out the best route to take for treating the big cavities in your molars!