How To Temporarily Cement A Crown Back Onto Your Tooth

A vacation should be a time for fun and adventure, but if the dental crown on top of your tooth falls out while you are far away from your dentist, it could quickly turn into a moment of despair. Your tooth could become very sensitive to cold and hot temperatures, and it can hurt to eat and drink certain foods you were looking forward to eating during your vacation. Your dentist should be the one to permanently glue the crown back into place, but you can temporarily glue it back to the tooth to ease your discomfort. Read More 

3 Natural Toothpaste Solutions Using Baking Soda

Taking care of your teeth is partly your responsibility as well as your dentist. And one thing that should be important to you is natural, simple ingredients that this guide will help you with. The following are 3 simple and natural toothpaste solutions that use baking soda. Baking Soda and A Little Cinnamon Baking soda has a neutral pH value, which helps rebalance the pH in your mouth. This helps kill bacteria because most of them require an acidic environment. Read More