4 Reasons to Head to the Dentist for a Round of Botox

Are little lines and wrinkles starting to subtly change your face? Instead of making an appointment with a plastic surgeon and feeling pressured to try other surgeries and techniques, consider heading to a dentist that offers Botox injections. Visiting the dental clinic for both a routine cleaning and a few shots of Botox provides these four surprising benefits.

More Experience

While the surgeons running plastic surgery offices certainly know all about face muscles and vein anatomy, they often hand off the task of Botox to qualified nurses and medical assistants. These professionals know plenty about providing general medical care, but they often lack specific training in facial treatments. Every dentist spends months and years studying just the muscles and tissues of the face and mouth, so they can call on that knowledge to create better results and avoid unwanted side effects.

Better TMJ Treatment

Even if you don't want Botox for aesthetic reasons, you may need the shots for pain relief instead. Many dentists whip out a syringe of Botox when a patient is diagnosed with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. This disorder leads to tooth grinding at night, creating tightness in the jaw muscles that is easily relaxed with a tiny amount of the drug.

Smoother Improvement

Want to even out the area around your mouth for more youthful looking-lips and nasal lines? Your dentist will likely need to do some work to the gums and jaw tissue underneath the skin if gum disease or missing teeth are affecting how you look. It's not just about what is on the surface, but also the underlying structure supporting the muscle, fat, and skin of the face.

Faster Visit Time

Choosing an experienced and recommended plastic surgeon is certainly the best way to get quality results with Botox, but you can end up on a long waiting list if there is high demand for the same services. You can arrange to get a Botox touch up every time you stop in for a quarterly or biannual routine cleaning visit. Get multiple treatments done in a single visit to save your free time for spending with the family.

Since Botox is relatively easy and safe to apply, dentists are more than qualified to handle the treatment. Of course, you should still ask your dentist for photos of previous work to make sure he or she can give you the look you want. A dentist at a clinic like City Centre Dentistry can also help you pick other treatments, including ones not provided in the clinic, to complete your transformation.